My boyfriend broke up with me and got engaged to someone else a week later?

My boyfriend broke up with me after two years. We've had our good and bad times like any other couple. But we broke up for about two months before we got back together. And after catching him in a lie he breaks up with me and gets engaged to a girl he dated before me. I can't explain the pain I felt. I just want to know why he would do this. Why would he pretend that he wanted us to get back together, if he was thinking about marrying some one else? And he never told me about it. I had to find out through a friend of mine.


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  • Nobody here can tell you why, but look at this way and I am sure you have been told multiple other times, you're better off. If he was lieing to you, chances are he will lie to this woman he is going to marry. Like I said, you're better off, move onto something you deserve.

    • Thanks for your comment. I don't have a lot of male influence in my life. And your comment really helped..thanks again

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  • Tsk Tsk...He obviously had something going with her while you were a couple...


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  • well he was probably seriously dating this other lady and he really didn't care about you as much he as put on. he was more than likely cheating on you with this other girl for a while for her to accept a marriage proposal from him. he also probably did not tell you because he probably felt like it would be less drama that way, or either he didn't care if you knew or not because he dumped you and I guess he felt like you were in the past.,

    guys like this are horrible and that girl he's marrying will see soon enough that he is no good, there is a reason they broke up the first time right? I hope you can find happiness with someone who really cares for you and at least has enough respect for you not jerk around with your emotions. I say have a pint of ben and jerrys, watch waiting to exhale, have yourself a good cry and put your life back together. good luck!

    • Thanks for responding and I got my icecream! I'm just trying to pull myself through this. It's hard because I could live with the idea that we just couldn't make it. But I think the way he handled it is what hurts the most. It just felt so mean and intentional. And then he changed his number. WOW...I'm going to be just fine..thanks again.