What do you think about marriage?


I mean checking out marriage stats, wouldn't you stay away from it? Or do you just like the marriage ceremony?...

-Marriages are kind of a false idea imposed by society once again.

-Stats also prove that arranged marriages last longer than so-called loved ones

-How many people realize how they have lied to God (I am not religious btw)? Said "I do" to "Do you, Mr Dan Druff, take Ms PippyLongStockings to be your lawfully wedded wife, and do you promise before these witnesses, to love her; to comfort her; honor and keep her in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all other, keep thee only unto her so long as you both shall live?[...] Do you so promise?"

-Humans life expectancy is too high nowadays. Imagine living 60 years with the same old person? How the hell is that possible not to mention how ...unfulfilled and boring

- PS: As for myself, yes, I will probably get married (sadly I am what men refer to as "marriage" quality.. ), but at least 5 times. I will not marry for love though, I view marriage as a business partnership type contract, & keep my lovers aside.

I will be looking forward to your input/output ;)

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  • So let me get this straight...first you say "Marriages are kind of a false idea imposed by society once again."

    How long exactly do you imagine marriage has been in existance? Guess what? There was a time when there was no such thing as divorce. Once married only death or infidelity could break the covenant of marriage.

    Stats prove? Tell me...what do you know about how those statistics were collected?

    I could prove nobody has ever been divorced...if I went to an elementary school to see who has been divorced...the stats couldn't possibly be wrong...or perhaps from another country, in which case the laws and morality/beliefs are going to have a MAJOR role in making those arranged marriages last.

    How do you live with the same person for 60 years? By remembering why you picked that person and putting their needs before your own...something you just don't get.

    Tell me...what do you suppose all these lovers you are keeping around are going to do when you get too old for them? They can't stay long anyway as you would get bored with them.

    The reason you will be married more than once is because you are stupid enough not to marry for love. Don't blame that on the institution...thats your decision.

    I truly pity you. You lay blame on marriage, when in fact it's the fault of people making a mockery of it, that has tarnished those vows.

    We live in a world where the first reaction all too many have is "Whats in it for me."

    People get married before they have the slightest idea of who they really are.

    We live in a world where bending the rules is a way of life.

    America's moral compass lost its needle. 200 years ago Bill Clinton would have been dragged from his office and hung for what he did.

    We live in a world where people can't even figure out what sex is. Let me clue you in...if it has ANYTHING to do with reproductive organs...IT'S SEX!

    There is nothing wrong with the institution of marriage. There is something wrong with many of the people who get married.

    Quit making excuses for how screwed up you are planning your life to be.

    You are just another in a long line of people who intend to once again turn marriage into something it isn't.

    • Why marry for love?.. I mean if you love someone, why should you marry them? To prove what? That you OWN them? That's sick

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    • Age is no prime factor in making presumtions over an individual's maturity or even less their experience. I used to think I would some day marry for love- thank God I opened my eyes to what marriage is.. Most of my friends parents are divorced- I'd rather be happily unmarried than unhappily married.

    • And based solely on this HUGE crossection of humanity *grins* you're making a statement that will change dramaticly when Mr Right pops through the door. Funny.....you don't know how many times I heard the same sort of thing from my daughters friends. Did I mention I raised a few girls? No....that was another post. The problem with negitive thinking is it has a tendency to infect the rest of your life. Don't take my word for it. You'll find out in a few years.

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  • well the last statement is exactly why guys and myself need to avoid marriage at all cost. There is nothing in it for a guy (unless the guy is really poor and the girl is rich and the guy is an asshole) In the end women probably want marriage more than guys do unless the guy is desperate and just wants to trap somebody and in that case he can have everything he deserves :) not for me tho

    • Agreed. I do think it's a form of entrappement. ;) .. I feel sorry for all the men who have fallen for it. In a lot of movies you often see "the marriage" as being "The happy ending" (plenty of women believe this, & the MORON who created the false idea of a prince charming should be hanged) . NEWSFLASH. A wedding in most cases is the beginning of a toxic ending- but ultimately, I think the WORST case scenario is when two people who claim to be in love move in together...now that's the worst.

    • I should mention that I'm not against marriage but against marriage in western society

  • You left out the biggest reason, children, ensuring your dna survives etc. Cost of raising children is expensive about 330k by the time they turn 18 each so marriage is a property relationship or a business realtionship as you put it, a joint venture...perhaps...

    • I'm sorry. You don't need to get married in order to have children. I know many women also use the "I'm pregnant" trick so that men would feel compelled to pop the question..it's quite frankly complete stupidity. Why the f*** does "DNA" have to survive anyway? hahaha. Humans are the biggest threat to this planet. By the way, a lot of children are born into marriages where the "husband" is not the father and doesn't even know about it. So, some possible DNA died along the way ;)

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