How long until asking her to marry me?

I know it depends on so many things, but:
how long do I wait after meeting her, so she won't freak out when I ask her to marry me?how long until asking her to marry me??


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  • It depends
    Some people feel ready within months and others in a few years. You get married when you realise you really love the person and want a forever with that person.
    It is however important to know someone a great deal before you tie the knot as some persons are great pretenders.

    • I accept all of that, and I undrestand how someone might panic. but is there any ways to break it into her within weeks, and she won't break it up?

  • Well , it’s all about your gut feeling. Try to talk about the future with her. If she sounds excited about it u can propose.


What Guys Said 1

  • Never do it. Break the cycle. Focus on science!


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