Engaged at 15?

i am really in love wit this guy. n i wanna give him my all. we both love each other but i am wondering if its too early. i have no doubt about it, neither does he but i really love him with my whole heart, but just doesnt wanna get hurt again.

please help me some more. I really need this.


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  • its a bit early I'm 15 and I really do want to marry my girlfriend, in a few years. but its way too soon to actually have plans

    • Sweet irony, I got into the same situation your in today. I'm also 15 and just purposed. as long as you think its the right thing to do and believe it'l work I say go for it

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  • Wow I posted a question asking if teens were to young to fall in love.Turns out anyone can fall in love.But anyways I do think 15 is too young just because you haven't had a lot of experience out in the real world.Now I'm guessing this is ur first boyfriend?even if its not at the end of the day my opinion isnt gonna matter but.All I am gonna say is that this world is weird we don't know what tomorrow brings us and who knows you might fall in love with someone else.