Tips on not thinking about it?

OK. So here's the deal, I know my boyfriend is going to propose sometime between now and the end of December. I know this because he will randomly bring up marriage and has hinted marriage proposal. Also, he has been a bit more secretive about how much is in his account. he'll tell me he has so much but quickly puts away the receipt when he checks his account. (note: he never did that before). Anyways, like I said I know he's going to but I don't know the exact date. with him bringing it up randomly, it makes it hard to not think about it and one thing I know about him is that he likes teasing me. It's fun most of the times but in this case I'm just getting anxious and in a sense tired of the suspense (yes, I'm not very good at surprises). Anyways, I've been trying like crazy to stop thinking about it, and with summer coming to a close the random articles about marriage and proposals and the ads for engagement rings had pretty much stopped at the beginning of august. But suddenly two days ago I noticed that they just started up again and is making it impossible for me to not think about my boyfriend proposing. Any tips on how I can just take my mind off the whole proposal thing so I can be really really surprised when it does happen? Any tips will help. Thanks.


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  • Keep busy, find a hobby, keeps you from thinking about things to much..


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