What's a guy like when he is in love but scared of his feelings?

because he was cheated on before in a marriage. He has told me that he wants to propose to me and he has asked me not to ever be unfaithful to him.. But when we are out with our friends he acts like he does not like me almost but he stares at me from across the room and he keeps coming around where I am standing frequently. When it is just us he is extremely affectionate and very loving - he has told me he loved me but it was clearly very hard for him to say that. So how do I know if he is really in love or not with me but I think he really is.


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  • I think that from what you said he is attracted to you. The cause for acting somewhat distant in social situations I do not know. I personally do not feel comfortable in social situations at all, but the way I have dealt with that in the past is by staying near people I know. The reasons for being distant during social events probably has to do with the fact that he was cheated on.


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