During this time she may have tried to fix her broken marriage?


My girlfriend (we were together 4 months) break up with me 10 days ago.

She did it on Skype, few days after she left to her country for 1.5 month vacation (visiting her family, she is from Philippines ). When I asked her why she didn't tell me before she left, she told me she was feeling "weak" every time she was near me. During this "conversation" she told me at least 10 times that she loves me, misses me and don;t want to lose me and of course...want us to be friends. No surprises here...

Actually, the story is a little bit more complicated, she is separated now (~6 months, after 3 years marriage) and already filed to divorce...But still, I can feel that sometimes she was not sure if she was doing the right thing. Moreover her X husband is also there somewhere near her (they both from the same city in the Philippines)

So, since then, I am not 'nagging" her, I told her that I respect her decision (although I am hurt the way she did it) and gave her all the space she needs (no email, no msgs, nothing...one time actually she called me after this and I didn't answer the phone)...no contact at all...

I really want her back...but understand that currently it is beyond my control, so I just wait and hope for good. She should come back in 1 month.

My question is, what if - after she comes back she would like to come back together...But I "afraid" that during this time may have she tried to fix her broken marriage, and by "fix" I mean 'have sex" with her X. Of course, she allowed to do whatever she wants with whoever she want, but I am not sure if I will be able to "live" with this, like nothing happened. so, if one day she will come back should I ask her what did she do during our break up ? I know this kind of question may be interpreted by her as "sign" of insecurity, but I also don't want to be "fooled" by her and be her "back-up"...

Any suggestion are appreciated.

Thanks in advance



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  • There would be nothing wrong with you asking her if she was sexually active with others while you were apart. It would be important for you to know just from a health standpoint.

    But, I gotta ask you, what was so great about this girl that you would be willing to put up with all the crap she's done? Breaking up with you on Skype? That's a joke and a sign of a very weak individual.

    Regardless of whether she had sex with her X, or with ten other guys, or with no one at all while she was away, you need to step back and ask yourself why you want to be with her so badly. I know, I know, you lover her. I get it. But why? What's to stop her from doing the same thing again?

    Best advice I can give you is to let her go. Don't let her seduce you and get back into your life when she returns. Find someone that will treat you well.

    • Thanks Scott...

      The reason that I want her back, cause (at least at the beginning) of our relationship she treated me really good, happy, let me feel a "man"...So I am asking myself that may be my behavior caused this break-up, if so, I would like to "fix" it...I know I am not an "angel"...

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