Does my boyfriend NEED to ask my dad for my hand in marriage?

My boyfriend of 10 years wants to propose. We are going to look at rings together soon.

Does he need to ask my father for my hand? Isn't that traditional?

I don't think my parents want my boyfriend to ask THEM, I think it's clear by what they say that they just really want him to finally propose!

Should my boyfriend skip the whole asking my father for my hand in marriage thing?


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  • While it is traditional, I think nowadays, with women generally being more independent, he could just propose to you, asking for your conent instead of your father's.


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  • I'd be p*ssed if my boyfriend asked my dad for my hand. Who's he marrying? You. NOT your father, so your father doesn't have a say in the decision. It's YOUR life, and I'd be p*ssed if my boyfriend asked anyone but me for my everything.

    Traditionally, the bride's family paid for most of the wedding. I'm assuming that because of this, the father was asked for his daughter. Not necessarily if the father was OK with it, but if he could pay for it. With how the world is now, it's not probable for the bride's family to provide the wedding, so asking the father can definitely be eliminated.