Would this be considered the same thing?

How If a man has a live in girlfriend and has a long term lover on the side would this type of involvement be considered to be the same as a married man who has a long term affair on his wife?

  • In which relationship does the other woman stand a better chance of getting the man?
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  • How long would you say on average these types of relationships last?
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  • yes they are the same thing


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What Guys Said 1

  • It would depend, did the affair start after marriage or in the terms of the live in girlfriend were they "f_ck buddies" before the girlfriend. I do not agree with either, but just wondering.

    • I believe that they started this "fling" before the live in GF.

    • Then it does not seem as bad to me, but it is still bad. I think that he should have told the other person that they could not see each other anymore because he had a girlfriend.

What Girls Said 2

  • It's pretty much the same. If they were married, it would probably be considered worse, but for practical reasons, it's not that different.

  • errrr yeah! its still cheating and having an affair!

    your poor girlfriend. why do men do this to us and think its ok? all so they can get 15 minutes of pleasure every now and then.

    dump your girlfriend. she's better off without you...

    • I told her exactly that.

      men do these imo because they get the benefits of a wife/gf at home for the stability/security and go to their lover for everything else they aren't getting at home. the mind blowing sex(physical)good conversation and friendship(emotional)

      is it right? no it isn't but this is why imo that they do this type of thing

    • So don't be with her. your a pig. using her for stability and security! after your done with your lover you always have someone to go home to. while your breaking her heart just so you can get a bit of action.

      let me be with someone who cares about her. you stay with your lover and have "good sex" and see how long that keeps you happy for..