So God is all powerful and these are some questions I've been wondering how people would answer.

  • No sex before marriage! I'll be damned to hell!!!
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  • Being engaged is like being married so then sex is fine and God doesn't care.
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  • Sex before marriage is bad but... If I say sorry I'm good. God Forgives
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  • What GOD???
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  • I know he's there but I don't care! Bring on the Whores!!!
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  • God made sex to be something special for a wife and husband to enjoy with one another. Not to be used as a game or to mess around with all the time. He made it for a husband and wife to bond and become one and express their love for one another. It's Satan who wants people to fool around and use sex as a target to hurt people, which is where rape, and prostitution come in. Your body is God's temple and whatever you do with it, affects God and it hurts him to see you disrespect what he gave you. I believe sex is for marriage and the person who said a vow to love and cherish you the rest of your life. God does care!


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  • Ok, well, this religious question is one way to get Xper points (religion is one of the most debated questions)

    I say, what ever you do, it is your own choice. If someone wants to have sex after marriage, then they can feel holy, or good about themselves, then they feel that they made the wedding night special. If God is around, or not, that person should accept the choice they made, like getting pregnant before marriage. I have no religion, but I know too much about a lot of religions. Mothers side is Mormon, Fathers side is Christian, Step-Fathers side is Buddist, and boyfriend is Catholic. I've been in more temples and churches then most people I know, but I just say its all up to the person, and If they care about what God thinks, then they should do what they feel is best.

  • sex before marriage is your choice and depends on lots of things, specific to you.

    I happen to be atheist and attend unitarian universalist church so we are open to whatever your choice is, but you shouldn't allow other people to tell you what is right or wrong about things like that, you have to evaluate it for yourself.

  • I am not a huge religious person. I don't go to church because I would be a hypocrite if I did because I don't believe in everything they preach. I am going to wait to have sex until I am married, not mainly because of religion. Mainly because I think it is the more ethical thing to do, and if I get pregnant it isn't a huge deal because I am married, and there is less of a chance of getting an STD. But I think God does care, he would prefer you to wait until you are married, but He loves everyone and isn't going to send someone to Hell because they had sex before they got married.

  • G-d made sex to be enjoyed within the confines of marriage.

    Now let me emphasize something here: G-d, Made, Sex.

    Let that sink in for a moment. Doesn't that mean He knows how best to use His invention?

    He wanted to protect people from all the pain and heartbreak He knew would occur if His invention was used in any other way than He intended.

    Does G-d care? Yes, He does. His heart is broken.