Girls: Marriage material vs. Boyfriend material?

OK what's the difference, are your standard different for the 2, if so why would you go out with a guy if you know the relationship won't go all the way/any where


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  • I would go out with a guy just because I haven't foudn the one. But usually I date casually (meaning I don't sleep with them, I just go for dates). Get to know a whole bunch of people, by going canoeing with them,... going out to eat and movies, go to parks and bike rides, go shopping with guys...and just date like crazy. Let guys who have romantic notions ask me out and go on a few dinners and lunches with them... and then... if they aren't material I would just tell them we have to stop seeing each other.

    It is different for each person on whom they want to date and whom they want to marry.

    for me I only date men who has some college, has a good job, never married, no kids and around my age.

    for the not to marry group: too argumenative, drink and party too much, doesn't consider my happiness and complain when doing stuff I like, really boring hobbies, too extreme of a history (in jail for stealing money/houses etc), tattoos and too much weed doing...

    marry group or guy: I recently married 5 months ago by the way... he had to give up weed, smoking, some video game time, some clothing and shoes, go to church, good conversationalist and likes to listen to me... go on trips with me... I don't know... he was just the one because he seemed faithful and not so boring to me. so yeah. hopet his helps a little. but everyone finds it a little different with their check lists. so be open minded and just try to find out who she is and what she likes... then see if you can compromise


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  • Well your looking at the big question, it is impossible to for everyone to say that meet their soul mate instantly. So they go out with a guy to have fun, get to know him. Some girl might have added information about a guy anyway.

    So what if the relationship goes nowhere. if we spend all are time holding out for the right person, our life would pass us by.