Why would a guy do that?

So, I was on facebook and this guy from my high school started to talk to me on facebook. I probably hadn't talked to him in about two or three years. It was nice to hear from him and I tried to be friendly.

Then he confessed to having a big crush on me when we were on high school and asked if I would have gone out with me while we were in high school. I wasn't very attracted to the guy, but I wanted to be nice so I said that I probably would have gone on one date to took it from there. I noticed on his profile that he is in a relationship with the same girl he's been with since high school ( I think they might even be engaged)

This also happened to my friend later (except with a guy she had a crush on too)

Why would guys do this?

X9354-Oh I meant to say I hope that, that's not true


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  • Just because a guy is engaged doesn't mean he has it all. He could be doubting himself or feels like he is settling. If he knew that he could have had a small chance with you, that probably built up his ego. He must have really been interested in you to ask about the past. But that doesn't change where he is in his life right now.

    I like this saying because it's so true and I went through it first hand. "I love my life and I'd never change, between what you and me had and the life I've made. Cause she's here and she's real, but you were too and every once and while I think about you".


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  • Guys are always on the prowl for the fuzzy kitten. It doesn't matter who they're already with, they'll keep "exploring" their options even when they're 102 and they have absolutely none left. Unfortunately, they're always the last ones to realize this, so prepare yourself for more facebook confessions (that's actually why I even have a facebook account).

    • Some guys would do that, I hope that, that's not true though.I'm hoping he just wanted to get it off his chest.

  • he's probably doing it to tie up loose ends and put the ghosts of memories and old crushes to rest.

  • Guys always hope girls will requite their feelings, even after many years. Sometimes that happens, the newspapers often run such stories.

  • Crushes never really go away! That's why people go to reunions after 30 or 30 years, and it's not that rare they get together with someone THEN after both are divorced/widowed...


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  • Seems like something a guy would say to try to get a date, but since he's engaged, I guess not. It could also just serve as a conversation starter, although a kind of awkward one.

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