The best age for marriage ?

I want to know the best age, when I can ask my girlfriend about marriage ?

before university or before at the age 20 or less, any other advices you have say it please .


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  • OH MAN! Seriously, you are too young to think about marriage. I know you love her, and that's great, so stay together, but you are just too young to get married yet. I would wait until you are both over 21 at least.

    I got engaged a month before I graduated high school. And I swore it was the right and best thing to do. Thank god we planned to get married after I turned 21 because within the time in between we grew to realize that we were SO not right for each other.

    My sister got married when she was 17, I tried so hard to stop her but she KNEW that she would be with him forever, they got divorced a year later. I try to warn everyone that is so young and the ones that don't listen to always tell me they wish they would have.

    If you love her just stay with her, and learn to love each other out of high school, because it is such a different world outside of high school and everything changes. Then if you give it those years while your growing out of high school and you still love each other then get married, but just don't think about it now.

    • Great answer... that is wisdom right there people... listen to this girl she knows what's up!

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  • Will she not have sex until marriage or something? Because to be thinking about it at your age is weird and a serious mistake.

  • my grandparents once told me that the ideal age for getting married is dividing the guy's age by two and adding seven years to find the girl's age.


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