What engagement ring style do guys like?

I've been with him for over 10 years.

He told me we will be engaged by the end of 2010.

I'm excited wondering what kind of ring he'll get me.

What kind of ring styles do guys like? I want to know a style a guy would gravitate too. I'm so curious! If you could link a picture that would be cool.

If you're against marriage don't bother replying. There's no need to waste your time saying "why?" or "waste of money" or whatever else.


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  • I like the rings that have stones on the band as well as the diamond itself. You'll see several here. link

    I also like it if the stones on the band have rubies and diamonds. These are hard to come by unless you just happen to run into one or you order it by design. It is best to visit a diamond mart to get ideas.

    BTW, congrats!


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  • that's so exciting. congrats!

    I'm sure which ever it is, it'll be beautiful

  • go for something with black diamonds they are totally in. I just got engaged recently and my fiance gave me 14k white gold ring with a white diamond in middle and a black diamond on each side of it its beautiful had it custom made for me :D