What to do with my marriage?

OK so I've been married for 2 years now and in the beginning it was great. But now and for awhile he has changed. We fight all the time. He never spends time with the kids. He would rather work than spend time with his family. I can't depend on him to do anything. I can't even trust him to watch the kids because he falls asleep and doesn't even watch him. I didn't know what to do. I was going to end it soon and move on with my life. But he then told me that he didn't want to live like this anymore. He said he was gonna change and spend more time with the family and he said he doesn't want to argue anymore. I don't understand why he waited until now to tell me. I think it might be my guy best friend. I told my husband that I have feelings for him and I really care about him. I wasn't going to cheat but I had feelings for my best friend like nobody else. And I think that my husband became jealous of my friend even though my husband was cool with me talking a lot to my friend. What I'm asking is should I give my husband a second chance or should I move on with my life?


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  • Why don't you guys try marriage counselling? the counscellor will decide whether the marriage has a future depending on how dedicated each partner is to fixing what's causing the problems.

    Also, you guys need to rediscover what made you fall in love with each other in the first place (I know it's difficult to do this when you have kids)

    Dont divorce until you have tried everything and taken every opportunity to fix this.

    If you were to file for divorce you want to have no regrets and you can honestly tell yourself, your family and your children when they're older that: "you and their daddy exhausted every option and fought 'til the end to be together but as we do when we get older, we change into different people and those two people were'nt compatible"

    Do you still love him? I know you don't love who he has become but are there moments when you think "he really cares about me" "he's so sweet to do that for me" "i couldn't imagine not being with him"

    He hasn't done anything terribly bad, he's just lazy. I think you 2 would benefit from a marriage counscellor, to open the lines of communication

    Goodluck :)

    • Yes I still love him but I don't know if it's worth it anymore. He just fights about the stupidest things. I know that this is who he really is, and I'm not sure that he can change or if it was just words to keep me around.

    • Well in a realtionship you need to feel resected, protected, cared for, wanted and needed and so does he. He may fight because he feels somethings missing, he's not happy about something or maybe he's just gotten too comfortable and wanting a change. You need to ask him, people don't change for no reason. Marriage counscellor. try it

    • Ok thanks

  • give him a second chance, see if he really changes.