How Can I Tell If He Already Has A Girlfriend?

So there's this guy I like at school...and I just met him this year...I'm trying to get to know him more, though. anyway...on his Facebook profile it says he's "engaged" to this girl who 1) he met at camp and 2) is from another state...I know they're not REALLY engaged, because we're only freshman in high school, but I can't tell if he's actually dating her or if he just put that up to put it up. I don't want to just ask him, because I don't really know him yet...but I don't know.

Also, he seems to show a few signs that he likes me (although I could be making this bigger then it is). He started up conversation with me a few times (neither really lasted too long) and he sometimes picks on me as a joke.

I just don't know. I don't want to full on flirt with him if he's dating someone else.

So how can I tell if he's dating someone?


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  • Just because he's a freshman in high school doesn't mean that he's not engaged. When I was a freshman, one of my best friends were engaged and he was also a freshman. The likely-hood of it being true, is slim, but it still could happen. Most likely they are dating, but I again, it sounds as if you're making it a big deal sort than it probably is. Just ask him by saying "just wondering, but do you have a girlfriend?" simple, but not hinting anything of wanting to date.