How would a girl want to be proposed to - any ideas?

i just want to know how a girl would want to be proposed to


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  • Something very original and unexpected of all. Definitely not in a restaurant with people in it. Maybe in a restaurant when the place is empty (I would like it better if the place is open the restaurant is on some kind of a balcony ) just the two of us, listen to soft quiet music and talk laugh and be surrounded by candles. Something to be very romantic. Or be at the beach,the guy plays the guitar starts singing some romantic love song and he proposes under the stars... or while you are night swimming with him you kiss and cuddle on a lilo under the stars (which will probably be cold outside the water)...


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  • You mean how you tell her that you love her and want to be with her ?

    Trying the movies style won't do. And telling her something like "I love you", might pretty much complicate the situation and stuck you both silenced.

    But you can starts with " I want to talk about us" and if she gets it, tell her that you want to be together and that you love her or whatever.

    Just take her for a walk, it shouldn't be too flashy or something.

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