Do guys think about marriage? like how would it be like someday and such?

how about players? or do you refrain from thinking about such commitment overall in the age group 18-24? what are men's general views on marriage and love? do you just stick to sex and getting what you can during college years and have no idea what love is?

tell me your thoughts :)


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  • Honestly, it really depends on the guy.

    Not many guys really pay attention to the idea of marriage, unless its something that they really want. Most guys won't start really thinking about it until they are at least 22+, unless they are in a committed relationship.

    my personal views: (as a 24 year old)


    I love the idea of marriage, spending my life with one woman, whom I love and cherish completely and truly. - that honestly excites me. I can't wait to have one woman be mine forever, to know her in the most personal and intimate way. To know her inside and out. To try to be the best man that I can be for her, because I believe that she deserves my best.


    It is more than just an emotion. It is a deep connection. It's something that you share with your wife/fiancee/girlfriend. Love is absolute. Love is something that is meant to be shared, but honestly not with every girl that passes in front of me. If I share it with everyone, it isn't special. It becomes less than what it could be when I find that one person.

    • Why are you only 24? Why do you live so far away? Can we clone you? LOL. You have very sweet thoughts. You will make a girl very happy. If only all guys thought that way and could actually just want a one on one relationship, life would be simple. :)

    • It would be simpler that way.. and I wish that other guys thought the way I did.

      There is no greater joy in my mind than to be truly devoted to one woman for my entire life, and I can't wait to find her.

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  • I agree with Matt's answer. I'm out of the age range you shooting for. Being older I've thought about it and a few gals I have pictured in my mind as if I were married to them and what it would be like 10 to 15 years form now. I use this as to either to continue to hang with them or go my own way. I take flack for it but I'm a old school one lady kinda guy. As to the collage portion of your question I have nothing for ya being working since high school as a skilled trades person Yes I finished high school for a while even worked two jobs.


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