I want to propose to the girl of my dreams, but I want to make it super special for her, any girls with ideas?

she is super gorgeous but I know that she wouldn't want anything done around a big crowd of people, but I don't want to be the typical guy and just take her to dinner then propose. I know that girls think about it and dream about it and I want to make her wildest dreams come true. so what would make her dreams come true?


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  • Something really really cute that I dream of happening to me is placing notes all over the house with clues to specific spots (you have to hide with the ring). Put a little something on each note, like a hershey kiss. Then at the end get her favorite flower or item and attach the ring to it and when she finds you, propose! I think it'd be sweet.

    Or take her to do something really fun, like at an amusement park and propose on the ferris wheel.

    • Those are two wonderful ideas :) thank you so much for your help!

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    • And for the record, I hope that the man of you dreams does that for you ;)

    • Haha thanks, I hope so too :P

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  • Well, you know her best ;)

    One way of doing it would be to talk to her best friend(s) first. BUT you'd HAVE to know that they're not going to tell her anything, which can be difficult. If you know her friends aren't going to gossip, it could always be an idea to go and ask if they know of any proposal fantasies she might have had. There's family as well, but 1) they might blab also, and 2) they might have their own ideas about whether or not you should be getting married or how the proposal should be done, so that depends on what kind of family they are.

    You could find a movie that has a proposal in it and see what her opinion is. Make it the sort of thing you'd watch anyway for the rest of it (after all, how weird would it be if you suddenly wanted to watch He's Just Not That Into You if you've always gone into anaphylactic shock at the mere mention of chick flicks before? Pick a movie of your favorite genre, or hers, that just happens to have a proposal in it) and comment on various bits as you're watching. When it gets to the proposal, you can just say 'that was a little weird, why would he do that?' or 'I always found it funny when girls start screaming when their boyfriends propose' or whatever. She'll give you replies and you might get an idea of what sort of thing she wants.

    If you know someone who's just got married or engaged or had a major anniversary or something, then talk to her while you're hanging out. 'I went to see my grandparents the other day... I was just thinking how strong my grandpa was for fighting in the war [talk talk talk] but it must have made him a much better person because he's still with my grandma. She's so sweet, she started telling me about how he proposed to her...' and there you go. She'll give you some kind of response on how she thinks that's so old-fashioned and these days proposals should be done like this, or how it's so cute the way people used to propose in the 50s, or whatever.

    If all else fails, go back to the place where you had your first date and see if you can reserve the exact place you sat if it's a restaurant or something. Go and sit there and get the exact same drinks/food or whatever and see if she remembers. If not, remind her. Then let her know how far you've come since the last time you were in that exact place drinking those exact drinks =] in the end, if you've put some thought into it and she wants to marry you, she'll love it no matter what! Good luck!


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