How can I get him away from her and get her to me?

Hi everyone,

i am 23 now.there was a girl in college with me.We were best friends for 4 years. after the college ended we both went to our native places. then she started talking to a guy. he proposed her and she said yes even when I said her not to say yes if he proposes u. I knew that guy was not good for her. then we both started having fights with each other. but then I gave up I said its OK you do whatever you want. then after just 2 months that guy left her. then she started coming back to me. I still loved her not only the same but even more. I felt for her and started developing feelings of love for her. I said her but she refused to me. she said I don't want to b in any relation right now.i said OK. months passed..i asked her again but she always says I don't want to think. I said OK. that guy again started talking to her..i said don't talk to him now but she didn't agree. she says I don't love him now. but I can see that she always want to talk to him. whenever he messages she cannot resist herself. I said her either you stop talking to him or I'll leave u.she says I can't live without u.u are my best friend. I share everything with u. its been more than a year to all this incident now. she never listens to me when it comes to that guy. what should I do? how can I get him away from her and get her to me...i miss her a lot and love her..please help


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  • I got a friend that went through in your situation. But what I'm about to tell you, you will not agree with it. I think you should leave her alone.

    Friend story is: they had liked each other for 4 years, so when she gotten pregnant he was sort of angry because the guys that she went out wasn't worth a damn. so the story goes on and never spoke till she needed help. She needed to support her 1 year old son. So my friend called and begged me to get her a job and so I did. Except her accepting my request she was brained washed by this guy that was a total a hole. So my friend told me everything and wanted me to back him up. After he tries to help her, they became so close that they started to say "i love you", and he was happy. he asked her out so many times that she been saying "i need time to think about it." months passed and asked her out again and she said the same thing. he said okay I could have patience. after a few days passed she was kicked out of the house and he said "come live with me and I'll support you." She said that she met this guy and went out with him because she needed the support of her 1 year old son. He got his feelings hurt. He tells me she always calls him and tells him she loves him and needed to do stuff to other guys to support her son. He told her "you know what? don't call me no more because I was there for you and I was going to accept you into my house and I was going to take care of your son." He was being really supportive to her. After that, she been talking about him that he is cool and all. When she called him again he got mad and told her to get her boyfriend to support her and stop calling him. She was putting him down with words that would make a nice man furious. She been going out with other guys, like I said, that wasn't worth a damn except him. After he told her not to call her she been telling her boyfriend to tell him off. So he told me that people been calling to his phone and telling a lot of threatening words or speech. So I backed him up. And the story goes into a ignorant story so here it would ends.

    Where I am trying to get at is don't let this happen to you man. Like a stranger friend I am, don't let this happen to you. if she goes with other men or with the same guy because she still likes him, don't put up with it and find yourself a girl that is worth it. I hope this make you think about what would happen if you don't take action. And don't worry man their is a lot of fish in the sea and your still young. go look around like my friend is doing. and don't lose hope. I really hope the best of you buddy. It's not my decision its yours, but just don't get your feelings hurt. And if you do, well you have friends to talk to.

    A friend would say to another friend: Do what's right for yourself and don't let it bother you for the rest of your life.

    • Thank you so much niceguy for the answer. but now she has agreed to me that she will never talk to that guy again. nd she even said that whenever she'll think about the marriage I'll be the first guy about whom she will think..i she also promises me that she'll not b any relation till then and I know she will not..what should I do now?whats your opinion on that?

    • That my friend it really depends on you man. the only thing I can tell you is do watever that makes you happy man and her too. and if she does anything that will make your feelings hurt just forget about it cause you have been a man to her for a long time. so here on this journey with her man is all up to the captain to take over the boat.

    • Thank you very much brother....

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  • You can't make someone like you, love you or want to marry you. you can try at least you will know and won't have to wonder about it. It might be a case of unrequited love...