Did he just propose? Or is he just thinking about it?

I have been dating my best friend of 11 years -- for about a year now. We have fallen deeply in love with one another -- and he has become a very special part of my life.

We had a LDR for 6 months - before I relocated to his city 6 months ago (1 year total). We don't live together because he see's it as "renters mentality" and doesn't believe in doing so before marriage. Lately he has been bringing up marriage, wanting to settle down and children. We have had many talks about family values, finances and so on.

Late last week he informed me that he would be traveling out of the city for work two nights a week. At first it bothered me -- deeply. Because it feels like he is cutting me out of his life -- and twice our relationship has ended because he has "moved" for school and work. Those old feelings of insecurity resurfaced -- and I have really had to do some soul searching.

Last night after returning home from his now two night departure a week -- he ditched his guy friends to spend the evening with me to talk. I was a bit distant given that I was a little shaken by his recent departure -- and wasn't sure how to bring it up.

After dinner we talked -- and he blurted out -- "you know I love you, right?" I told him that I knew and that he didn't have to say it. He then went onto say -- "it's nice to hear it sometimes though, right?" I assured him that I knew and that it was sweet and that I loved him too.

I then took that as an opportunity to open up to him because he was obviously confused about my distant nature. I let him know that I supported him no matter what he does with his career. That he has to do what he has to do -- for him... and that no matter where "this" goes... I will always love him. He got choked up and was unable to speak... he looked like he was going to cry and then just nodded.

I went on to say that he knows how special he is to me -- and that he is THE ONE. If he decides to relocate again to a different country -- that I understood -- and that I would love him... always. He assured me he wasn't leaving to China again... and that he has no plans to relocate.

He went on to identify that he is buying a new leather "reading" chair... and that it was for me and sees me reading in it and he in his bed (we read together).

I told him that he shouldn't say things like that - because it makes me think of marriage and commitment with him. He smiled and said that's a good thing and he is thinking of those things too. And that he wants "that same future" with me. That I am "the one" and that we have a special connection. And that compatibility is more than just having things in common - and ours is unquantifiable and special. He touched my face and kissed me.

Did he just propose? Or should I wait for a "will you marry me?"


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  • Wait.

    He's clearly turning it over in his head, and I suspect he's nowhere near as emotionally aware as you are. He's asking himself "Is this what having The Right Girl feels like?"

    It is. You know it. I know it. He'll need some time. Patience.


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  • Wait for a "will you marry me?" He was simply being honest about what he thought, just like you were.