Guys: which woman would you date/ marry?

I know what most men would do but just sending out a message to some gals out there.
  • Guys: which woman would you date/ marry??Cute, humble, young, down to earth, earns just above minimum wage and who will take care of you and be faithful
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  • Guys: which woman would you date/ marry??Self-centered, not especially attractive, narcissistic, earns more than you, owns realestate.
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  • Wonderful, so we should just stay at McDonald’s do men will love us. Sheesh there’s a thing called economic independence.

    • *Hypothetical scenario*

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    • ... this pole is intended for men and men only. We already know what most women like you would do, which has just been confirmed. Thanks. :-)

    • Would do?

Most Helpful Guy

  • B looks attractive though lol
    Taking B
    Show her whos boss 😛

    A is the safe bet and good too. It doesn't matter how much she earns. Its more about what she does
    I want a happy girl. Happy happy happy

    But you made B sound useless. I dont get it. So guys would date her for what? If not her good looks her money?

    • The point is , would you date a woman centered in herself and well-being only, even though she's filthy rich or go for a more humble woman

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    • Obviously if both are not very attractive
      We'll pick the humble one

    • But A seems to be more attractive from the description
      So A

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  • The characteristics you attributed to the independent woman are all terrible. Talk about stackin' the deck. lol

    • Lol. Thanks for agreeing. We're on the same page then.

  • well going by the picture I would pick the second one. Reading your description, I never had the first one. Those things don't happen to me so I would pick the second.

    • See what the pole says

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    • I've been on both sides

    • all that had money or their family had money were cool. The girls on minimum wage were either weird, had a lot of problems that they loved to let me. Always been weird.

  • Way to have extremes.

  • I dated B.. And she was a B

    Broke up with me the first sign of trouble.

    From now on I am aiming for A

    • Well done.

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    • Actually I never had the option of A.. And I didn't know what B was like.. She was my first experience ever.. Sooo yeah lol

    • I don't hate her too much though she got me in great shape physically and mentally.. Now I'm much more confident with myself

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