Ladies, what would be your obligation as a wife?

If you don’t wanna get married then don’t answer


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  • care for my husband
    love him
    feed him because I simply love cooking (though I will expect help)
    have fun together and do things he likes from time to time
    listen to his worries and help him out
    help him achieve his dreams
    get along with his family as much as possible

    • expect help? is it that much work for you

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    • @Omar5881 don't bother with him. He is anon for a reason

    • cuckolding already... shit he's good.
      easy ladies

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  • ... none. I wouldn't have any additional obligations just because we changed from 'dating' to married.

    • wtf are you high

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    • whaat? what 'makes up for swallowing'?

    • no. swallowing makes up for everything. if you swallow then he should treat you like a goddess...

  • I want to work as a wife. Not stay at home. I want a full time job and I think me and my husband should both clean and cook. Even though I can’t cook at all.

    • then learn. since he's probably gonna be doing everything.

  • Aside from being a loyal, honest, faithful, loving, responsible, respectful, caring, and nurturing wife? None.

  • Cook and clean together
    Pay the bills together
    Love each other together
    Be wise together
    Raise kids together
    He can buy groceries and go shopping for clothes ( hate shopping)
    If he needs someone to talk to about anything I’ll be there to listen and learn
    He’ll be in charge of the wallet
    Go traveling together

  • I don't want to get married

    • stfu

    • Yes that's because I don't want to get married

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