If a girl complains when asked to sign a pre-nuptial agreement, does that mean she is hiding her real intentions other than marrying for love?

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  • Yes. She is not in just for love


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  • I don't think so. I think it's more of a "so you don't trust me" sort of thing which breaks relationship bonds.

    All in all though, IF by some chance I decide to marry, I would still expect her to sign a prenup.


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  • MIGTOW!!! Get your women to sign a prenup. Not just for you but for her as well. Do it. Don’t trust a marriage without it. I did, and I escaped luckily without her taking anything of mine.

    • Wise advise

    • I’ll never marry again without the women and I signing one. If she won’t sign it- then I question her sincerity and “love” for me. It does nothing but protect your assets and finances so that if for whatever reason you do divorce no one gets what you have worked your whole life to achieve. And that goes for her too. Trust me on this. Don’t let her feed you bullshit about how you won’t need it or how you’ll never divorce... your argument should be, If you’ll never divorce then there’s no harm in signing a prenup then, is there.

      Best of luck my dude.

    • Thanks man

  • If my SO asked me to sign a prenuptial agreement, I'd do so without any hesitation. This is what my SO agrees on, as well... we aren't married yet but the discussion came up pretty early in our relationship and her stance is very clear to me on this topic.


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