What if a guy says he never wants to get married?

I recently started dating one of my best friends. things are going so well, but last night when we were talking, he said he never wants to get married because his parents have a terrible relationship and his last (and only other) relationship was really bad too. I understand where he's coming from, because how can you have a positive outlook on marriage when the only one you've seen was cr@p...

but I really like him and I know he feels the same about me. I'm not saying I'm going to marry him, but I don't know if I want to be in a relationship where its never going to be a possibility.

so I guess my question is, do you think he could change his mind if he found the right girl? (we're both juniors in college by the way so its not like I'm a dumb 13 year old... no offense.)


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  • Well if you really like him you should stick with him as people can change their minds about things. Just set some goals about how long you're willing to wait - if you want to get married NOW then he's not the guy for you, but if you are thinking of say 5 years down the road who knows.

    I used to say that I never wanted to get married or have kids because of the way my parents were but now I'm thinking different.

    • Thank you for your honesty. I'm not looking to get married for at least another 3 to 5 years. so I guess I'll just see how things go :)

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  • He is probably scared of marriage and doesn't see the point in being married. At this point I would take it for what its worth. If he says he plans never to get married then believe it. Let him know how you feel about marriage and that you plan on getting married. Unfortunately, in this situation most people push their priorities out the door to please the other person. If marriage is what you need then you will only become resentful staying with someone who really doesn't want to get married.

  • >"do you think he could change his mind if he found the right girl?"

    no no no.

    no no.


    you're a girl who wants marriage. he is a boy who does not want marriage. end of story.

    and if you're having sex with him, I suggest you break up with him today.

    if you date him one more minute, you are (a) wasting your time and (b) setting yourself up for a world of heartache and disappointment. you can be a grown-up and deal with reality now, or a year down the road when it finally sinks in that he's serious...

    • Wow that's kind of a jerky thing to say.

      he never said he didn't want a long term relationship. and he said he wants kids someday.

      you sound really bitter and harsh. at least the other answers were nice about it...

    • You say jerky, I say realistic.

      My intent was not to offend. But I've been dating since you were about 4 years old, and have learned the value of direct communication

      "he never said he didn't want a long term relationship. and he said he wants kids someday." But he doesn't want to get married. He's told you so -- honestly, openly and clearly.

      Do you want marriage? If so, you're wasting your time with this guy.

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