I hate him but what can I do?

I hate this guy for a long time because of the things he had done to me. I hope you can read it and give me your opinions.

We have been together for a long time. Not in a relationship but 4 years as friends. We started out well and I thought we hit off well too. He didn't propose because I didn't know he had a girlfriend that time. When I knew it, I gave up because I don't want to be in a love triangle.

He chased me back.

I was touched that he did and I thought whatever it will be, I will stay with him. Eventually he broke up and we became close. We still remain as friends. Didn't propose. Slowly he started to distant off with me. I wonder why but later I found out he got a girlfriend again. It broke my heart and I was depressed for many months. I didn't know he was playing with my feelings. I swear I'm going to get rid of this heartbroken and found a boyfriend who loves me a lot. He knew that I got a boyfriend and came chasing after me. Why would he do that if he had a gf?

I broke up with my boyfriend after a few months and he came look for me, finally propose to be together. I was so happy but it didn't last long till I decided to break up with him. Love isn't what I thought of. Is not because I didn't love him but it is because I know he is still playing around. It hurts to know that I've been manipulated. A few times and I'm confused as to whether he really likes me or playing with my feelings. I told myself he did like me because he chased me back each time.

Is it true or am I lying to myself?


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  • It seems you women like drama very much. Why only God knows.

    • I don't like drama because drama doesn't have a good ending. I like fairytale. I know it won't be true but sometimes love is appears at the wrong time even if it is the right one. What should I even do.

    • It's not necessarily a drama thing, but it's either a love of drama or immaturity that's causing the QA to follow this situation.

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  • Ur thoroughly wrong if you think he has feelings 4u..

    He just treats u! as an option in his life open always.

    He is remembered of you only when he is secluded or ditched by others. :-(

  • stop hatting


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  • Dear, do yourself a favor & save yourself a lot of heartache...This man is not sure about what he wants and is stringing you along. He's only interested in what he can't have. To some men it's all about the chase.

    There are a lot of nice guys out there that will not play games and treat you like the lady you aught to be treated. Take a stand. Good luck