He won't tell me what exactly I did to make him this mad at me. Why is he acting like this?

OK so I've known this guy for over 7 years. we were best friends for a long while before I fell in love with him. we had gotten together one night last may and I had gotten pregnant, with my now 8 month old son. he left me when I was 3 months pregnant and he started denying my son (but he never denied him to my face) we had a court ordered DNA test done and it turned out that he was the father of my son (I knew that all along!) just recently I proposed that we spend more time together so that I can get to know him again since me and him haven't hung out since the night I got pregnant.. so we were just hanging out drinking a little bit and etc etc... we are supposed to be moving in together in a few weeks, but now he's saying that he's mad at me... because of something I did when I was drunk, I keep saying sorry and he knows I don't say sorry unless I truly mean it... he won't tell me what exactly I did to make him this mad at me. someone please tell me why he is acting this way?!

He's been telling me that he loves me and I told him I wasn't sure yet, but the other night I told him I loved him and he told me he isn't sure now...

whats going on with him? help me out please.


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  • He's a guy, they say things when they get scared or feel overpowered by a woman, he has responsibilities that should come first above any feelings you two may have for each other, when he masters how to be a dad and be there for his child you shouldn't consider a relationship, just focus on what's good in your life and maybe when he mans up you'll be able to get together the way you want! Hope it helps