Wedding Disaster - No one will be attending my wedding?

My boyfriend and I will be getting married very soon. His family lives far abroad, the relationship is troubled, so they will not be attending the wedding.

Same goes for my family...they don't approve of my boyfriend for racial reasons mostly and I can't talk them out of it. I can't make them come to the wedding.

My boyfriend has just one family member here, his uncle, so he will be attending the wedding. Aside to his uncle my boyfriend will invite one of his best friends.

We will be getting married at the community center (is that how you call it?) for FREE... I live in a country in Europe so that's pretty normal here. Money is tight so a free wedding would be great.

We are only allowed to have a few witnesses... I think 4-6. My problem though is that I don't know who to invite. I don't have close friends and I haven't spoken to any of my acquaintances in months. They never been real friends anyway.

The wedding will be small, not quite how I pictured it (no fairytale marriage), but I have to deal with it. I always wanted for my family to be there, too bad that isn't happening. I can't believe they do this to me. I wish things were different.

Lately I'm crazy busy catching up with old 'friends' (still these people never been real friends) I'm in desperate mode. I'm a loner, and my whole life I had trouble making and keeping friends. yet, I don't want to spend what should be the most beautiful day of my life in complete loneliness. It's not fair. I don't know what to do. I'm afraid no one will show up.


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  • " I don't want to spend what should be the most beautiful day of my life in complete loneliness."

    Think of it this way --- How can you be "lonely" when your "other half" is standing right next to you?

    Yeah... but? Think of it this way, you are responsible for YOUR happiness, not them (actually, not even your husband). If they aren't happy about your being happy, why make them suffer attending your wedding? It is YOUR wedding, not theirs, anyway. It they can't contribute to your happiness (with their current mindset), why have them there?

    You can also take the option of a travel wedding.

    Forget those movie-like weddings. Both you and I know what planet we are on, and what the majority of mankind is made of. Focus on building a enduring, longlasting relationship with the person you choose.


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  • I'll go to your wedding. When is it?


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  • my parents eloped there families weren't there and my dad's parents did not approve of my mother for racial reasons but the wedding has no impact on the marriage. eventually my dad's parents excepted my mom and she was loved like a real daughter by them. Also 30 odd years later, 3 kids, and a dog and they are still very much in love and happy today. So what it's not a fairy tale wedding day unless you decide it is because the man you are marrying is your fairy tale. a marriage is built on love each day you live together as a united couple battling the world together it's not based on one day. so it just may be the two of you guys but that's what marriage is all about just the two of you deciding there is no one else you could be more grateful to have in your life everyday for the rest of your life. Good luck and I hope this helped.

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