Anybody have a solution?

I've been dating this guy now for little over 2 months. He is a great guy very funny, always a positive attitude, very considerate of me and what I want, etc etc. For the first month hugging and kissing was as far as we went. We have since engaged in sex both oral and vaginally. My problem is his penis is very large and sex is so very uncomfortable. I am 25 and by no means a virgin not since 17. To give him head I can only get the head in my mouth and I have to stroke it to get him off and vaginally it hurts really bad to where I almost cry. I don't want to hurt his feelings and he tries to be so gentle and nice. I know we stretch and we do use KY and other lubes, but nothing seems to make it easier.

Does anyone have a solution?


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  • Don't have him put his dick in you all the way.I had a brief few months with a guy with that same problem. I just couldn't do it. As for oral I would put the tip of the head in my mouth and work that part while jacking him off with my hands.

    • OMG if he ever put it in all the way I'd be giving him head from the other direction!!!! He is very good about just trying a little at a time and I do not understand why I don't stretch and accommodate his dick. I give him oral the exact same way as you did

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    • I have to tell you that Thursday night for the first time I was actually able to have him in me all the way. Once it was in and just relaxed for a minute or two he started working it and it actually fetl very good. We have been working on this since my first post.

    • Wow, I'm glad you were able to do that.

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  • see a Doctor in case there is a medical reason, I cannot remember the name but there is a condition that basically makes you contract your vaginal walls but I am sure I have heard it is treatable.

    • I've never had a problem with other guys with somewhat normal sized penis', just baffles me. I really really want to have a sexual relationship with this guy

    • I had a problem with my ex from 6yrs ago, he was my first so never really knew any different but when I split from him I was amazed. Sometimes its a medical condition linked to that person sometimes its just that two people are not compatible, rare but it happens.

  • yea like other's have said, until you get use to it don't let him put it all in.