What is the purpose of getting married?

As a kid, I saw marriage as the part of life where you stay with one person forever and (perhaps) have kids. It pretty much went like:

Boyfriend->Husband->Kids->Married life

Lately, I've been noticing people doing it backwards:

Random guy->Kid->New boyfriend->Kid->Husband->Divorced

What does marriage mean to you (if anything)?


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  • I see it the way you do: as either a partnership to raise kids or just for companionship.

    Marriage isn't one of my life goals but if I ever do get married I would take it very seriously.


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  • At this point, marriage means "In 10-20 years this girl is going to arbitrarily decide to take half my sh*t, and possibly my kids."

    About 2 out of every 3 divorces are initiated by women, and in many states they are basically guaranteed child custody. The court system is HORRENDOUSLY sexist when it comes to divorce and especially child custody. Right now my uncle is trying to get the right to see his kid more than once every other weekend. He has a steady good paying job, a nice house, no felonies on his record, and no history of abuse. His ex-wife - who was immediately granted custody of their child - doesn't have a steady income, lives in a sh*ty house she basically never cleans, has obvious mental instability (she pulled a loaded gun on my uncle), and a history of spousal and child abuse. Yet my uncle is in court almost once a month fighting just to see his kid every other weekend.

    So yeah, marriage in the modern world seems like a losing proposition to me as a man.

    • And most guys decide they want to cheat.Don't act as though guys do nothing

    • Personally I've never cheated on anyone, and I never implied that guys do nothing. I stated facts about divorce in the US. Fact is women initiate far more of them, and the court system heavily favors women in divorce and child custody proceedings. From a legal perspective it doesn't make much sense for men to get married when the system is so biased.

    • Divorcing a spouse is really popular in the western world. In many cultures(including my own) it isn't common to get divorced or re-married; even if your husband dies. I don't see how people find it easier to go to court and all that stuff than to talk things out (even if it requires therapy). I guess no one marries for love anymore?

      I want to get married once..that is it. If he doesn't like it....well too bad! You're stuck with me for life. >:3

  • it means getting to the inevitable divorce

  • Marriage is a big part of a process called "Settling Down", although many people rush by marrying at an early age, but in my opinion the ideal age is between 27-30 years, when you're financially stable and have found that "one" person with whom you'd wanna spend the rest of your life with.

    • Psh..

      In my case I'll be like 32-34 years old. :(

    • That was just my opinion, it's not a universal thing. There are people who get married at that age.

    • I know, just teasing.

      I'll have to wait longer because of medical school. I'd be pretty broke after that.

  • A tax break?

  • Marriage is dead, doenst work, most end in divorce within 7 years...

    • Would that stop you from getting married? Well, trying once?

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