My boyfriend doesn't want to talk to me :'(

K so this is a long distance relationship, well last night he text me say "don't text me till I text you, and do not reply to this text"

I just don't know what to do I love him with all my heart, he keeps saying if I leave him he would die, he says we will be together forever,and we have talked about kids and marriage,living together.

he bought me a promise ring,but hasn't given it to me yet because, long distance, and we never see each other.

I'm so confused about this why would he say all that other stuff and that he loves me and only me and nothing will ever bring us apart, yet he tells me pretty much not to talk to him.

I just don't understand why He's being like this, I can't talk to him about this because he won't ever call me its all through text. Which sucks because the past 5months I have real feelings of love for this guy.

sorry about how long this is, by the way we're both 16 and help! please!

he drove to my town last night for the first time! &explaind y he didn't want me to text him,its because he didn't want to tell me something important over text he wanted it to be in person. it was so sweet!


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  • First of all, long distance relationships are very risky and its obvious why. But if he is saying don't text me until he texts you, that alone should isn't such a good sign, you don't know what he can be doing, whether its talking to other girls or whatever, and you guys are way too young to be talking about marriage right now, your young, have fun and enjoy life, don't be too tied down to this guy, because most likely he doesn't feel the same way.


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  • Maybe he's busy, when he does text you ask him why he said that.

    Then decide if that does it for you.

  • You're created a fantasy relationship in your head with this guy... but it's not reality. Because this is long distance anything and everything you don't know about this guy you have filled in with your ideal answer. It's like having a crush on someone but never talking to them, you like your IDEA of them.

    I'm telling you this because you deserve far better than this. Don't believe this is the only guy for you. A guy that REALLY cares about you will want to hear your voice and will not text you things like "don't text me till I text you, and do not reply to this text." All that does is show his immaturity and what kind of guy he really is.

    At the very, very least don't let him push you around. Don't let him think he can walk all over you and do what he wants. When he finally texts you again tell him you don't want to talk to him until you're ready.

    • 1 I've knowin him my hole life,and recently moved away that's why its long distance now,it wasn't before.

      2 he's not just an idea,and its not a fansasty relationship either, its real.

      3he can't call cause he doesn't have the cash to pay the long distance fees.

      and 4 I don't let anyone walk all over me and asume the wrong.

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  • it seems like he really doesn't care anymore.. I wouldn't call that a relationship that's just a friend or yah text buddy

  • Yeah, it doesn't look like this relationship won't last much longer.

    You might consider breaking up with him and sparing yourself some heartache (it'll be better than getting dumped).