What do you imagine as the most romantic way to propose to someone?

just wondering. This girl I know got proposed to the other day. and I was wondering if people have ideas about how they would want to be proposed to. thanks.


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  • I hope I get something romantic, and not lazy and lame- although I really don't care about the ring or having a wedding cerimony at all. My boyfriend told me that he saw a proposal the other day on his way home from work. Some guy made posters, each one saying a single word and put them on hydro signs- I guess on her route home. So it was something like .kelly. you. are. the. love. of. my. life.ever. since. that. day. we. spent. hiking. in. wherever. i. have. known. i. dont. ever. want. to. be. without. you. will. you. marry. me?

    Sorry for the long example, I can't remember what he said it read, but I thought that was the best proposal idea I had ever heard.- but too bad my boyfriend told me about it, and now he can't use it on me:(


    • Aw, yeah that's a cute idea. knowing me, I would have not even noticed or something lol. The girl that I know that got proposed to.. she was at a wedding [one of her friends weddings] and they gave her the thing of flowers and her boyfriend "caught" the gaurder thing and when he got down on one knee to put it on her leg, he took out the ring instead and proposed.

  • Personally, I wouldn't want to be prosposed to in front of a whole bunch of people I know.

    If he proposed to me in front of his family, or my family, or in front of a bunch of mutual friends, I don't think id like it.

    I mean, id want it to be somewhere alone.

    Probably at night.

    I don't want a really huge ring, because I think spending money on that kind of thing is a waste. Sure I want a nice ring, but not a giant mountain on my finger.

    A friend of mine was proposed to by her boyfriend. He carved "will you marry me?" into a tree on a walking trail and brought her down for a walk just before christmas time.

    Kinda cheesy, but kinda cute. and it was just the two of them.

    I find that cute.

    • Yeah I think as long as he puts thought into it ahead of time, and plans something out then ill be happy with it. as long as he doesn't just say "hey. lets get married." I want to be suprised lol.