Engagement Ring, Gift Card?

I know my girl is picky when it comes to jewelry, white gold rather than yellow etc, but I have no clue on what ring to get for her. She changes her mind constantly when she looks at them online, and even though I know that she'd be happy with whichever one I pick, I want her to have a say in it also. This brings me to my dilemma, how do you SURPRISE her when she picks it out herself? I was thinking like a plastic gumball machine ring in a nice velvet ring box for the actual proposal, (I think she'd get a laugh out of it) and then a few thousand $ gift card for a jewelry store, which we could go to later that day, or next day etc.

If you were the girl, would you be disappointed in that approach? Is giving a gift card the wrong way to go? I know she'll say yes, that's not the issue, I still wanna be able to give her that "moment" though, and I don't see her getting the same experience if we were to just show up at a jewelry store. Thanks for any help/ info :D


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  • Yeah, I think a gift card kind of takes away from the romance. Instead, take her to the jewelry store after you propose and pick out a ring together.

  • I would propose to her with the gumball ring and then you can propose in a romantic way somewhere really special. I'd then take her to the jewellery store later that day or the next day (it would be better if you organise which jewellery store) but I wouldn't give her a gift card-She is less likely to spend a fortune on a ring with you standing next to her but she will still get a ring she likes too. Good luck!


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