Does he just want me for sex?

ok so I had a one night stand with a guy. he stayed very long the next day about 4 hoursafter he woke up and we talked a lot he said he tought I was cute ect. Then he asked me for my number I gave it to him thinking he would nevr call. the very same day he texted me and we had a bit of a chat. the next day he asked me to hangnout but did not propose something so I said lets go have cofee. we had cofee the same night he texted me saying he had fun and would want to hang out again. my question is does he want to see me just for sex maybe he was to shy to imply it the next day or is he just taking things slow because on the date he didint seem to talk about too many personal questions, like previous relationship or goals ect.

we text everyday tho is that a good sign?
can more people answer plz.


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  • If he asks you out again don't have sex with him. Hold him off for a couple of dates and see what happens. If he doesn't care there is no sex then he's probably genuinely interested in you. If he stops calling after you don't give him sex then you've got your answer.


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  • Well, it's too early to say whether he wants you only for sex or he really finds you cute. If you too find the guy nice, why don't you hang out with him more often? Eventually you will be able to know what's on his mind. And if not, you can ask us, we're always here.. We might be able to help you out with some more inputs on his behaviour..

    Good luck and be safe!

  • Texting everyday doesn't qualify to be called a sign. He would text you everyday even if he wanted you only for sex!

    Be careful in your approach and as bluebomb said, it's better to put him to a test before you actually get attached to him!

  • Like I said before give it time if he doesn't give in by the first month or so then He's good but keep your eye on him (figure of speech) for clues that he might just want you for that one purpose and that's it. Hope things wok out fine. Really hope you don't get hurt.

  • Starve him and yourself for like a month or two if he doesn't go crazy by then he's just really into you and He's a keeper but if he sneaks a grab or a over intimate hug/kiss and you think he wants you (only if He's done this at least three times) then dump he ,drop to the curve, kick him to the side... however you want to do it just do it and do it quick before you get attached.


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  • Men are result oriented when it comes to sex. They will do almost anything for it. Women are result oriented when it comes to obtaining a commitment from a man. That doesn’t always apply to every single woman and man, but it does for most.

    For men, sex is the primary means that enable him to FEEL deeply. Words just don't do it for him, I'm sorry. So, if this is such a strong drive in a man, wouldn't he be thankful and loyal to a woman who gave her body to him?

    Actually, it depends on what he had to do to have access to her body. If all it took was three dates, a couple of meals and some sweet talk, then no, he won't be loyal at all because it came rather easy.

    In many regards, it's like a drug addict doing whatever they can to achieve their drug high.

    When a woman gives in to a man, or even initiates sex before a man is committed to her, she is playing with fire by giving him far more than she is receiving (namely, a lifetime commitment).

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    See ya!