What's going on in his head? Please help me, guys :(

A few months ago I met a guy in a bar. We spent hours chatting and discovered that we had pretty much everything in common- I fell for him massively. However, the next day he admitted he was in a long-term relationship and didn’t want to tell me because he was worried ‘I wouldn’t want to know him’.

Everyone, including myself, was convinced we would end up together. He said he loved me, thought I was his soul mate, never felt like this before, the whole having grandkids spiel. Probably told me everything I wanted to hear, although he did admit he wasn’t sure what to do about his girlfriend.

Long story short, she found out. Obviously she was hurt and he felt guilty. They’re still together now. She banned him from seeing me, but a couple of weeks later he came round to my house and we ended up kissing. We met up earlier this month- he waited almost two hours in a car park waiting for me to finish college. We ended up lying on the sofa together, mostly in silence, and kissed a few times as well before he dropped me off at work. He knows he's not going to go 'there' if you know what I mean, and he respects that. But why would he risk his 7 year relationship with his childhood sweetheart when he knows he isn't going to get anything from me?

I honestly don’t know what’s going on. At the moment I’m just living my life: working, studying, going out with my friends. I’ve tried seeing new guys, but it just doesn’t feel right. I hate living in this limbo, and I’d love a guy’s opinion- what’s going on his head?


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  • HAHA a guy will happily wait for more than 2 hours to get laid...

    Obviously this guy wants to f*** around. he has a girlfriend STILL but your his soulmate? LIsten, if I found a girl I thought was my soul mate, I would happily break up with my current GF, and not hurt her and use her.

    This guy just wants to f***. He is not stupid enough to try to get something.. but he thinks you will give it up eventually (You know you want to). just need to ask yourself, what you would do if you were engaged to this guy and he was sneaking around kissing other women. 7 years is more than an engagment.

    Yeah I know what you mean when you think you've found the one, other girls (or guys) feel like .. a turn off? not as appealing as that person you want to spend more time with...

    Just remember to be enguarde, even if he breaks up with her to be with you, you will probably be next in line for being cheated on. Very sorry, hope that helped


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