What do his comments mean?

So I'm going out with a guy who I've known for a couple weeks now. we've been together for a week but it feels like so much longer. you know the type were you automatically get on and feel really close.

well we've had the usual going over your 'views' on marriage, kids and that and he's said he doesn't want to get married. He knows I'm not fussed on marriage either.

Every know and then when I'm doing something he says 'i'm going to have to marry you off' or 'i've got to make you my wifey'. like I was making cups of tea for our mates and cleaning up. we also stayed over at a mates house for the night and in the morning he was hugging me really tightly saying if people didn't know better they would think we we're married.

I also wear a silver ring on my wedding finger and he says to people that's he's just not wearing his that day or that its mine from him. (Guessing its a way to tell people we're together? though I don't see why as the people we hang with are mine and his mates that we've been hanging with for a long time - it's how I met him - he's brother to a couple of the lads we chill with so it's not as if they don't know we're together!) he's also said it to me when we we're alone once that we were engaged and I said 'oh when did you ask me because I can't remember' and he replied that he didn't staring right at me smiling with a really cheeky grin.

Why does he say all this yet tell me he doesn't want to get married to anyone. is it just a way of him expressing that he really likes me?

He tells me he loves me, but not like love love in love type yet but he says he knows he will but he's scared I'll leave him when he does fall in love. Is he testing my reactions to his comments? I just joke back to him about it at the moment about the whole 'we're engaged your, my wife business' as I don't get why he's saying it then telling me he wouldn't marry. his reasons for not marrying are you have to half money and that and if it fails you have to share everything, but he also says he hopes we're together for a really long time and he's never felt like he does for me about any other girl, he says I'm the first he's been able to totally be himself with and he loves me for it.

Just wanting opinions on why he jokes about it (he watches me for my reaction I can see him doing it) but then he tells me he doesn't want to marry. This was his opinion before he met me, could it be he's re-thinking it?


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  • I think he might see you as all domestic and wife-like and such and worry that's all you're looking for. Making these kind of jokes might be his way of dealing with it. Though it is also possible that he does sometimes have thoughts that you'd be the kind of girl he'd want to marry, but it doesn't seem like he's anywhere near making that decision.

    P.S. why do you wear a ring on your wedding finger? That's just bound to weird guys out. And I think it's weirding him out and that's why he makes strange comments about it.

  • Ur answering this question yourself. He is just looking 4 a reaction from u. I seen this b4 with my friend. she got envolved with a guy who was totally against marriage she wasn't keen on the idea either. He joked abt like this 4 a while but she wouldn't change how she felt about marriage. She took it as if he almost wanted her to want 2 get married so they would fight and split up. I thought it was his way of testin to c if she really wanted 2 get married or was she just agreeing with him. Once he realised she loved him for being him marriage or not then he stopped it and believe it or not they are actually engaged now which he asked

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