Arranged Marriage!! HELP ME!!

My family is upper class and old school, they talked to me the other night about my boyfriend (his family is way upper class and friends with my family, have been for 30 years!)

They asked me all sorts of weird questions like how I felt about him, and then afterward the told me that they spoke to my boyfriends parents and they both came to the agreement that an Arranged Marriage will take place to merge the families!

I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND, been chasing him since I was 11! :) but

He is recently divorced and I know he isn't ready to jump back into a marriage so soon! (I'd marry him tho)

(His family has not mentioned it to him yet, and mine has not either!)

Should I tell him? Or should his family or mine or should I fight this?

Can they really make us get married?!


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  • dude, be your own women! do not let your family or his do that! they want what's best for you but if they start putting all this energy on marriage already and he's just barely divorced theirs a good chance you could be a rebound or things might just feel more stressful. if his family is talking about an arranged marriage too chances are he's likes you (hopefully!) tell them to buzz off and let you write your own love story. were your parents arranged? ask them how they would feel about that. and if your in the u.s. no one can make you get married if your over 18. live YOUR life!


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  • Can they really make us get married?!

    I believe not in the United States.

    what country are you in? as it's dependent on the laws there


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  • Where do you live? If you are in the states they can't MAKE you marry , but they of course could disown you, or cut you off from money.. you sound like you want to get married anyways tho.

    I am assuming you are from the you s because you did not bother to say where you are from people from the U.S. are notorious for thinking their country is the only real country in the world- well many do- I won't say all. So NO they can't force you, only try to guilt bribe threaten persuade..