Why is it hard for guys to commit?

whats the big deal about it . ? what scares u


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  • there are heaps of reasons. A lot of guys don't like the current laws heavily swayed towards women during a divorce as well as in general, they have heard too many horror stories of guys getting seriously f***ed over by women they thought loved them, and society is a lot different these days than it was a few years ago. Before men were expected to get married by 18 and already start having kids, then feminists came a long and said, "these traditional values are degrading to women, women shouldn't have to be house wives and raise kids at home while the husband works, they should work too and never see their kids like the men" After that I think lots of me (like myself) went "hmmm, so I don't get tied down, I can spend money on what I want AND It's social norm for women to have sex without marriage... I don't think I'll be doing that marriage thing for a while"

    Also most guys are meh when it comes to having kids so if they are left to do what they want I think most guys would rather remain kids than having to take on that responsibility, at least too soon.

  • Its not comitment, its losing out on the other possibilites how else can we know that you truly are awsome if we haven't tried lots of other alternatives...


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