Is it possible he's planning to take the next big step?

So me and my boyfriend have been dating for a couple of years. I'm 21 and he's going on 23. it's been about a year of him implicating that he's going to propose before going into the military. well recently he's been watching commercials about engagement rings and not in the oh there's nothing else to watch. usually we'd just change the channel when commercials came on ha ha. anyways. this one commercial came on, and it showed a bride and groom at the end of it. the bride held up her hand and showed off her fancy diamond ring. out of no where he said

"sorry I can't get you that babe." I told him I don't care about fancy rings and he seemed kind of sad about it. So, my question is was he sad because I don't want something fancy or because he can afford a ring like that? and also does this mean that he's planning on proposing soon?


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  • Could mean that he can't afford it... maybe more but probably not...


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