Which engagement ring!?!?

I will be getting engaged soon...

What is a good price point for an engagement ring? What did you spend on your fiancee's/what did yours cost?

Help me choose! There are four on my profile...what's your favorite-which should I choose?

*Remember :these are all on my profile page*

  • Ring one: $1600
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  • Ring two: $540
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  • Ring three: $450
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  • Ring four: $450
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yeah, I def think it's between one & two!

I made suggestions to him about the style I like...& he said he already found one..he thought..but it was one carat! Yikes! I was not expecting that...but I'm really excited! :))


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  • I really like the second one. Congrats on your engagement :)

    • Thanks...it hasn't officially happened yet, but he said that it will before the end of the year....he wants help choosing!! but I'm indecisive. & I definitely am torn by the way 1 & 2!!

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    • Yes that'll be a good idea, I hope you find your ring :)

    • Thank you! me too!

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  • number 1


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  • The second one is beautiful

    but they say that you should spend 2 months salary on an engagement ring as a general rule. whether or not you follow it is your decision.

    but I personally think you should spend what you could afford

    • Awesome! thanks...my boyfriend makes pretty good money..he said I could choose whatever I wanted as long as it did not exceed 5000...i don't like big, gaudy rings so I won't get near that.. Thank you for your answer!

  • Personally I like #2...but it's gonna be on your finger, not mine, so I think you should really make this decision on your own. If you can't make up your mind, trying thinking about which one you would most like to wear 20 or 30 years from now. Is there one that you think will be the least likely to go out of style? One that matches your personal style best?

    Congratulations :)

    • I totally agree & I think that's why I'm so torn between one & two. One is representative of my "style" but I also really like how feminine and pretty two is...& it looks classic & kinda vintage, which also kinda is representative of my "style". SO HARD! but I guess my boyfriend has been looking at one...it's an entire carat! Yikes...the 1's on here are 1/2 & 1/3! lol

  • Hy husband spent 50 cents on my engagement ring and, about $15 on the wedding ring. It's a nice jade band, and it looks beautiful on my finger:) It's the only one I wanted.

  • The second one.

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