Am I a home wrecker?

I have always had a thing for this guy but I knew he was married so I never tried anything we were just social acquaintances. 3 weeks ago I saw him at the bar and he told me that he was getting a divorce and that his wife and him are just trying to sort things out with their daughter.

so now we have been seeing each other since but haven’t done anything but kiss. I am keeping my distance because I don’t want to get hurt or add anything to his divorce.

He is very open with me about his home situation but I still feel guilty for everything and still worry I am going to get hurt. Am I a home wrecker? I need advice on what to do.


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  • You don't appear to have done anything wrong. On the other hand; it's going to be a difficult situation for this guy, particularly emotionally and when there's a kid involved. You don't want to just become a 'rebound' for this guy though, you, as I'm sure most people do, want the relationship to be genuine, and that's probably the biggest concern here.

    If you feel it's real enough, go for it. His social situation currently shouldn't really affect a possible relationship between the two of you, just tread carefully.

  • Marriages, sadly, crumble from the inside out. If not you, someone else. If not him, her. You're fine.


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