My girlfriend's sister sent this message to me, what should I do?

To start off, we're both 16, and go to the same school..and like we hang out most of the time, and I do give her space..but the thing is, like, my girlfriend's sister, talked to me and sent me this on msn,

______ says that you like walk on glass around her afraid that you might do something wrong

she doesn't want that

she wants you to be yourself


just trust her

That blank was my girlfriend's yeah, we've both gone out for 70 days today,(lol yes, I know I count, but that's only because I cherish every day) and, we both want to take it slow as we were great friends before we started going we've held hands, hugged and kisses on the cheeks only..But whenever I'm around her, I sorta panic and like, just stand there like an idiot..I sometimes engage in conversation, but obviously she wants me to be well, just like any suggestions? Thanks a lot. :)


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  • suggestions? just be you. she likes you, she's going out with you. don't change who are you


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