Are women offended by this statement about marriage below?

I want to know how sensitive women are or if they actually have a sense of humor. The presidential candidates discussed this issue this past weekend on CNN and it got me thinking about it.

So many politicians and social conservatives say "marriage is a union between man and woman."

So in response to the above statement, some dipshit on the internet corrects the social conservatives and says, "marriage is legally signing over half of your shit to a woman, and if she wants to take it she will, and if she would like you to keep it she will let you live under the allusion that 100% of your bank account is actually yours."

So do women find that statement amusing or just completely wrong?

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  • I find it quite funny but it could be the same for the other way round. One thing I will say is the guy who said it was divorced. I can tell that a mile off.


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  • I cannot stand people who make cracks about marriage. Especially the ones that say "saying I Do means doing everything she says" or "if she ain't happy, no ones happy." Marriage is a partner thing, not a woman thing. We have a professor here at school that jokes about that kind of stuff all the time and it really bothers me that he says stuff like that. Some marriages might be that way, but I'm pretty sure the guy will know he is getting shit-faced before he says those magic words if she is controlling.

    • I totally agree with you. Well said.

    • This is not exactly related to the question above, but should married couples have a sense of humor about it? For example my grandmother bought shorts on sale for $5 for my grandfather, and he said, "I'm worth $5; that's an upgrade!" If couples don't joke around that's really lame and boring. And I hear men all the time call their wives "the boss" behind their wives' backs (when talking to other men). Marriage jokes are not that bad are they?

    • They can and should joke around, but some of the stuff people say I don't agree with. If I was married I wouldn't want my husband to refer to me as "the boss" or thought he was whipped. Unless he called me the boss in bed. That's a whole different ball field. Calling your wife the boss because he feels like he is controlled? Not cool.

  • haha I think that's so funny, cos girls always know they can make guys do what they want lol. But I agree with jaylow, you know that guy who said it got totally screwed over.

  • it is funny but I neither agree that it is true nor is it wrong.

  • in these times,

    what isn't true? lol

    i find it funny.

  • Well, Can the statement be amusing AND wrong? I definately think that it has comedic merit. However I can't say I think it's true. Not every woman will take your money. Nor does every african american live in poverty or every asian make a poor driver or every muslim a terrorist. Yes. Stereotypes exist based on the way the group in question has been witnessed to act but people forget to realize its not the entire group, but a scant few that give the group thier reputation.

    But at the same time I know this is just part of the facts of life which is why a statement like this can be taken light-heartedly and laughed at. I just wanted to distinguish that my answer isn't black and white. It isn't amusing and true versus offendsive and wrong.

    Its amusing and untrue =]


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