How do I know if I'm getting played? Advice from girls and guys is appreciated!

I'm currently single and talking to this girl. I dated her only one time when I was living in her area this past summer. In a few weeks,I'm moving back to her community. Needless to say, I caught her off guard by telling her that I'm moving back to the same city she's in. This past weekend she attended a sporting event with a male "friend".

She prefers to talk via text, and Instant Messenger, with me and seems to frequently make up excuses about not being able to talk on the phone, but she does talk to me every night before she goes to bed. She admits she's talking to both him and me at the same time, though not simulatenously--- just to both of us during the same day. She admits to having feelings for him, and is "working on getting rid of her feelings for him." She seems to like me more, as she claims to have shot him down for 2 future dates that he's asked to go on for, but she wants to go on a date with me when I return to her area/community. She wants to get me a Christmas gift, and when asked "doesn't plan" on getting the other guy a Christmas gift.

She was engaged at one point, and she told me that he actually called it off. As an aside, she's in her mid 20's and has claimed that while doing oral and other stuff, she's never had vaginal sex.

Should I be concerned? Should I continue to pursue her?

Girls: any idea what she's thinking?

Advice is HIGHLY appreciated.


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  • Sounds like she's keeping you as a back-up guy in case things with the other guy don't work out. :( From what you said, you may know about the other guy but I bet he knows nothing about you. A woman doesn't try to get rid of her feelings for someone by hanging out with them.

    You should find a girl that would be thrilled to go out with you! And instead of finding excuses not to talk to you, she'll find ways to make time during the day just to hear your voice... That's the kind of girl you should want :)

    Good luck!


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