Marriage- what is the right age and how long should you have been with that person?

Okay, so here a short overview. I am 23 years old, my boyfriend is a year older. I have had a few relationships, dated a lot and done my thing. My longest relationship was about 4 years, although 3 of those were a long distance relationship. I have partied and met a lot of people. I have traveled, I have seen the world (I am/ was a military brat).

Now to the actual thing. My boyfriend and I have been dating/ going out for 3 months now. He is the love of my life. We can spend time together without really doing anything. We are a good team. I have known him for the past 10 years, we went to school together, I moved away, I came back and now we are in college together. When we noticed we had a thing for each other, I was still living with my boyfriend. I broke up with him, to be with the new guy. I never really liked him before, but it just clicked. I haven't told him that I love him, but I do. He hasn't told me either.

Okay, maybe a month into the relationship, it kind of came up as a joke (we both can't remember how) that we go to Vegas and get married in a few months. Jokingly. Well, talking about it a lot, we realized that maybe it wasn't that bad of an idea. Now we want to marry, maybe not in Vegas, but have a small private ceremony, just the two of us. I kind of like the idea. I and him both don't believe in divorce, so it would be the whole deal.

What do you think? Is it too early? Does he have some kind of other intentions? It is not sex, we already have sex.

I mean sure I could wait a few years, but why? I mean, I love him and I think we could make a marriage work. And a marriage is about compromises and making it work- in my opinion.

Just tell me what you think! Are we too young, have we known each other for a too short time, etc.. Just wondering!


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  • Making it work sounds easier said then done. Couples that have been married for over 10 years can barely make it work.

    I personally think that once you two are settled in your own separate lives (yes, I know you two seem close) but you two still need to establish what the two of you will be doing for work, finances, and future planning.

    What is your rush? If you are going to be with this guy forever, why rush it? I wouldn't, I'd be enjoying my time with them and planning for the future. There is no age limit or time span that people get married at. So just enjoy it while you have it. That's just me tho, rushing isn't my style.


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  • Six months. Any longer than that and your chances of a successful marriage start to slip.

    • ROFL someone gave me a thumbs down. Well, the truth is exactly what I posted - don't like it that's fine, but the FACTS are that those who get married earlier in their relationships (~6months give or take) have a lower divorce rate than those who marry after being together a couple years.

    • actually that's what my experiences are... the couples that have been together for years end up getting divorced. I like your answer!

  • Any age is old enough, depends on if you find the right person.


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  • Wow, that is a REALLY short time period, but you've known him along time. Personally, I think you two should try to hold off for awhile and make sure it's the right thing to do. Though, It does make on incredible love story. If you don't already live together, maybe you should try that first because (again, I'm not sure how MUCH you really know about each other) what if there are little things he does that end up driving you crazy? What if you end up finding out about things you didn't know from being on a hiatus from _insert state in which you live_ and whatnot? It is a beautiful thing, but since you both don't believe in divorce, I think you should really think about it. I mean, look at how many people have been in relationships for 1,2,3+ years and then end up getting divorced or breaking up. Give it much thought, but I congratulate you in your findings.


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