Why is he asking me a request after all that he did?

My ex was playing with me, he was engaged to a girl and never told me, he was playing with both. I got pregnant but couldn't have the baby, he was happy to hear that, because he wanted me to loose it. Then he disappeared and just text me, we shouldn't see us anymore. After several weeks I discovered he was engaged, then a sent to his girlfriend a message telling her to be aware of his boyfriend because he was cheating on her, and didn't respect her, I just send it anonymously, if she asked me more details then I would tell her. But after that he erase all his double profile he had, so she could not find his other profile.Maybe she forgive him or she just believe him it was a lie.

After 3 months of these, I received a contact request on my email, it was him asking me in a request to add him to my contact list,...After severals days I saw the request, I accept him, he dint speak to me. I wrote to him that please don't send me more contact request, and told himto go ahead and marry his fiance, because he already did with me what he wanted with me, just used me, lie to me and that he was happy that I had to loose the baby, all things happeend as he wished for his luck, and for me for being so naive and believed in him.. He didn't respond, he just kept online, so I block him again..After he never went online, wish I guess he erased me again, wish I did too. I don't know what is he up to, or that he was only practicing with his contact list to see something...I don't konw why he send me that request ,just to keep silent, he doesn't even have the guts to say he was sorry about everything he did, wish I realize he is so selffish and have no heart, he just want to keep bothering me and hurting me, wish I will not let him...


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  • I'm sorry for what has happened to you. I can just tell you that he does it because he can. Don't feed his ego he will continue to do it just ignore him and stay away from him have no contact at all. Most likely you will not get a sorry from him his ego is to damn big for that and he will just feed off of it. This guy is BAD! Consider yourself lucky.

    I know it hurts but you will be fine. Don't feel bad because you did nothing wrong. I feel sorry for his future wife she will have a life time of hell if she doesn't open her eyes. Hey think of it this way, better her then you! I know that's mean and it sucks but it's true.

    • Thank you for your words, and yes I feel pitty for his girlfriend, I try to open her eyes and told him to be a aware, but it her decision to believe me or not, or forgive him. Also, I think that they are getting marry more for family interest, her family have money , also her. Also his family have money, lovee, money, and interest. But I am also a indepedent women finishing my master, I don't need a man like him at my side, I have dignity, and I want a true faithful man at my side that respect

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    • You did the right thing by trying to warn her. As for the decision you made about your baby that was based on your health so theirs no right or wrong you did what you had to do. Learn to forgive yourself and this guy so you can move forward that is not for him but for you. It is an important process to healing.

    • Yes I did it mainly for my health and the baby posiblle health risk, you are right I have to forgive myself. Hope to have a stronger health in the future if I decide to be pregnant again, it will be a long process so my baby doesn't get affected, but next time if I get pregnant , I will take the risk no matter what, just hoping to have a loving father for the child is something happens to me..I know I must forgive him, but how can you forgive a person that doesn't care for forgiveness. Thank you

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  • I don't know why you accepted his email contact request. This f*cking loser played your heart out, ate it, and yet you still want him. Same old case of 'wanting someone you can't have'.

    Stop toying around and move on without him, please? Go find a better guy who's willing to settle with you.

    Stupid people. I swear.

    • i just accepted him to tell him that stop sending me contact request and go ahead and marry his poor girlfriend, and just blocked him out after, because I don't want to keep receiving more request or anything of him, I will never be with this guy again, he is to jerk that played with me and his fiance The one who is toying appears to be him, that sent me a request again. I DONT want him. If I wanted him, I will be the one sending reuqest, trying to reach him, the on ewho is doing that is him

  • no I feel that if your my bestt friend then it wil be your insult for me to have friend ship wd your ex

    • No I don't want a friendship with my ex, he lie to me , played and hurt me very much..I met a guy month after, and I realize after talking he was friend of my ex, I didn't knew before. The guy told me he already knew my ex hurt me, but they still friends, This guy wants to keep my friendship, but I don't know if I should?, because he is one of my ex best friends, which I didn't know until I discover after a month talking to him...he wants to be my friend, but also my ex best friend..

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  • well he could be getting information out of his friend through this guy. if you wish to continue talking to this person, do so, just do not ever for any reason discuss your ex( his best friend) not even if he asks. just tell him you do not wish to speak about it and move on. if your gut is telling you to not speak to this guy, you should follow your gut. if you choose to still be his friend, just watch what you say, if not delete him and just leave it alone. that is what I would do.

    • Yes, that is why I am thinking to do, I don.t want to know anything about my ex, he even deserve me to think about him, he harm me and know he is happy with his fiance, after all he did, he could manage to played with me and keep his fiance, even though he cheated on her many time with me. I would tell the guy I can't be his friend anymore more, because I don't want anything that can connect me with my ex. for sure my ex doesn't want me to be his friend either,

    • So the best thing to do is to tell this guy that you are sorry, but you can no longer be his friend. that is what I would do. I've tried to be friends with people that know my ex's and all I do is hear about me ex. so if you do not wish to hear about your ex, you need to cut ties with this guy. just tell him that you feel that yall's friendship isn't going to work out.

  • Like you said, he's selfish. maybe he sent you that request just after having had a huge fight with his girlfriend ... I hate to say this but u'd better forget about him.


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