What does it mean that he never sends me any messages?

Ive been kind of dating this guy for like 3 months now and things are pretty OK, he seems genuinely interested it in me and treats me well. The thing is that he never sends me text messages just to say hi. He always answers mine and also writes me to propose meeting up but NEVER just writes (or calls) me to know how I am doing or whatever. That's bad, right? Do you guys think it means he's not really into something ┬┤real┬┤ with me?

Im 25 and he's 29.

I really like this guy..

Thanks a lot!


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  • Sorry your question went so long w/o being answered. Lol You may not even be wiht this guy anymore.

    I don't think this is a big deal :) Guys like to communicate on a need to know basis. The fact that he is the one to initicate the date proposal is a positive sign and hopefully he speaks more about your feelings while you are in person. If not, he may just be interested in something physical.

    If you are still together, why not ask him? You'd be 5 months into the relationship by this point, so hopefully your communication has opened up. Rather then bitching him out about not texting you enough, try complimenting him when he does. Let him know that you really love it when he lets you know that he is thinking of you, because it shows you that he cares. Leave it at that and see if he picks it up more often. If still no improvement, try talking to him at this point.