So confused and totally lost?

me and my guy friend M found out that we both have the same opinion about sex, so we decided to buy rings that represent our friendship and also would be sort of celibacy rings.

at the shop while buying those rings, the shop owner thought that we were a couple, and he started calling us engaged. So we took it as a joke, so we started called each other "my fiance" as a joke, and our friends would too since they knew what has happened.

At the beginning, M started to act funny, he would like say that he's jealous and stuff when he sees me hugging another guy, so that way he could get a hug himself.

but now, when he say it, I don't feel like he's kidding,but really mean it! Also when people ask us if we are a couple (since we wear matching rings and are together most of the time) he just say "hey, that's my fiance".

One time, my friend came up to us and said in a shock, "Oh you two are together now, yeah, I saw that coming", so he just smiled and didn't say that we're not a couple.

Guys, would you ever act like that in this case if you don't really like your friend?

Girls, what do you think?

p.s: once I was sitting with M, and my friends comes over and asks me if I can talk to him aside, so I went with him, but I could still see M looking at us in a not so cool way.



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  • to try to impress girls I would actually do so.

    • thank you for the answer, but I know M, it's not his thing to do all this in order to impress girls!

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  • If you ask me it sounds like he likes you.

    Why else would he get jealous when you're talking or hugging other guys. Yeah, at first it may have just started a game, but it could have helped him realize his true feelings. Maybe he had to start it as a joke because he wasn't sure how to tell you, and since you two were believable and didn't seem to object, he continued to go along with it. Also, the fact that your friend said she saw it coming about the two of you being together and M didn't respond, and just smiled makes me think that your friend may have known a little something you didn't. It's obvious he likes you, and you already seem to be good friends. So have you decided how you feel about him?

    • that's the thing,

      I'm not sure of my feelings toward him yet,

      I'm kinda lost between 2 guys, him and my other best friend,

      and every time I get to the pros and cons, I end up confused and lost all over again!

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    • no, I'm not sure if they have feelings for me,

      maybe.. I feel so..

      aaagh I'm confused again :P

      I'll be making a list right now!

    • Okay. Let me know how it comes out!