Is it wrong to flirt and abuse when you just got married?

My good friend Laura just got married in August and I just started working with her this past July, but she flirts with all of these guys at work and goes on every break/lunch with one of them, and uses them to help her do things around the job. Not to mention she got involved in one of her guy friend's marriage who is now going through a divorce and living with her and her husband. Isn't this strange to anyone?


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  • She's a skank

  • so you think your friend is a marriage wrecker and also a person who is some what unfaithful/unloyal to her husband?

    well, anyways what are you going to do about it?

    • It sounds like a recipe for disaster. Funny way for a newly-wed to act. Maybe they've got a swinger kinda relationship so she can do whatever she wants?

    • I'm not going to do anything about it. I was just curious what people's opinions were on the matter. I wondered if I am the only one who thinks it isn't okay to flirt around and use other guys when you are with somebody. I'm not saying she isn't loyal either, I just wonder if guys are okay with their girls doing things like this.

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