What do you think the chances are?

If a friends with benefits relation ship between a man and a woman has lasted 3 years and they practically live together and never fight and have a lot in common, the same age (32) and both have never been married, they tell each other they love each other, What are the chances of them getting married one day?


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  • have you guys talked about marriage?

    Usually if the guy or girl wants to get married, one of you would have said something like "whenever you want to get married just let me know" or played around with the idea of marriage: guy-hey so would you marry me girl...-um would you marry me? guy-yes!

    some thing like that. I never had to really guess if he wanted to marry me because 3 months into dating and he mentioned it so much.

    Why don't you watch "He's just not that into you" and just bring it up or pick up on his signs to see if he is or is not into marriage.

    • He has hinted about it alot. Like he has told me he had a dream we got married and he has actually jokingly asked me to marry him twice and My pride mad me say jokingly no...Also he proposed to someone years ago and she turned him doen and it took him a long time to get over her.

    • let him know clearly that you want to get married, and see if he asks you. I mean, maybe you need to ask him also. The conversations that I posted are actual conversations I had with my guy.

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  • very high...ALOT OF GIRLS SHOULD TAKE NOTE OF THIS...If you don't force the situation simply because you care more about how others precieve yu than the actual relationship itself...the guy is more likely to stick around and eventually fall in love.

    You can't force anyone to mentally be with you...you can pressure them into asking you out...but the only real way t guarantee a mans love is to NEVER change from the person you originally were when you got together...just being there is the key to us.

    This is how a guy falls in love, he wakes up one day like this,


    BABE!... ...

    Where the flip is she? :-s

    why can't I smell my daily pancakes?...

    Why can't I hear her singing badly?

    ...oh sh*t...

    i think I'm missin her...


    ahhh yes I forgot, she starts work at 9 on thursdays ¬_¬'

    LOL but back to the question at hand...i usually don't say this but...i think its time you both have 'The Conversation'.

  • Who knows what the chances are, but you should talk to him about how you feel (if this is about you and you want to be with him). If you're relying on "chances", you are likely wasting your time or going to miss out on an opportunity.

    Plus, aren't you basically already married? Just without the kids?


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  • i think to that point its not FWB if you love each other, usually FWB don't want commitment so if he tells you things then yes its possible (:

  • the man sounds like a coward. I'd leave and find someone who wants to take the plunge. don't sell yourself short. if he wanted to he would have, and if you feel like you have to plant a bug in his ear, it's a waste.